Since the last blog, I have been busy on our farm doing most of my ground jobs. I gave all the horses time off in April- May to enjoy some grass and glorious sunshine, as I knew we would not be competing in the foreseeable future. Having already pressured washed and disinfected some of the stables I finished the remaining ones.    Next job was to paint the Solarium, which now looks ten times brighter!    Another job was to replace some of the old rails in the paddocks, Dad was teaching me and supervising me – to make sure I was doing a good job! Waste not want not!  Inspired by Caroline Moore’s videos I decided to make some skinny poles out of the old rails.  I have been putting them into practise with Blue and TJ to educate them for what they may experience going cross county. I have also made some Cavaletti crosses and re-using used cattle lick buckets for trotting poles.

I have started riding TJ and Blue to get them ready for a busy winter (all being well)!   Castle is still having a well-deserved break and seems to be enjoying more siestas than normal!

It is exciting news of the 2020 qualified Science Supplement Cup riders will be able to compete at the 2021 competition. I have not told Castle this news yet due to his siestas, but I am sure once he starts training, he will know Badminton is calling and perhaps some competitions at Bicton!

I have been rather cheeky and been helping myself to the snack draw, with the lockdown being slowly eased, I am happy to be getting back in the saddle while increasing my own fitness regime.

Hopefully, we will soon get back to a form of competition in all disciplines when it is safe to do so.

Let us all stay safe and heed the Government guidelines.

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