Have you entered the NAF BE90 or BE100 3 Day Event at Bicton?

Perhaps you are thinking of giving it a go next season?

We have teamed up with class sponsor NAF to offer a few tips for competitors on what to expect next week.

What how does it differ to a normal one-day event?

The competition takes place over multiple days with the showjumping phase being held on the last day, in reverse order of merit. It gives you a chance to compete like professional riders do at an international three-day event. You will also undertake the Road & Tracks and Steeplechase phases as well as a trot up in front of a Ground Jury on the final morning of the competition.

There will be rider meetings on Thursday and Friday, its mandatory that you attend one of these where you will receive lots of information and to ask any questions you may have.

NAF Five Star Stabling Tips

When stabling away from home gut health can become compromised, feeding a digestibility enhancer can help to provide microbiome stability, a simple Instant Biotics Syringe can support their stay away in an instant and settle their tummy.


Taking place either Thursday or Friday the dressage will be in a 20m x 60m arena.

NAF Five Star Dressage Tips

Take advantage of our sponsors care range when tacking up for your test, deal with those stains fast with the popular Muck Off stain remover, while Paint it Black and Clear helps to give hooves a professional edge and spray Silky to make sure all those manes and tails are tangle free.  Get the look with their Plait it Up spray to help give you the grip while keeping wisps at bay to their Mark your Mark quarter mark spray.  Finished off with some Razzle Dazzle to really help you stand out in front of the judges and a quick saddle and bridle touch up with NAF Sheer Luxe Leather Cleanse and Conditioner and you are ready for the centre line!

Cross Country

This is a four phase discipline that will take place on Saturday.

Phase A (Roads & Tracks) – This is a good trot around the Bicton parkland, there will a timed 1 minute break at the end of this phase and phase B.

Phase B (Steeplechase) – 5 x chase fences, the distances and optimum time will be given at the briefing. When you have finished, the time automatically starts for phase C.

Phase C (Roads & Tracks) – taking place on the national nature reserve of the Pebblebed Heaths, this phase should be executed at a good walk/trot pace all the way around. At the end you need to trot for the last 150m so that the vet can check your horse is sound. When you get into the D box/10 minute box, the vet will check your horse’s heart rate and respiration to see if they are fit to continue. In the 10 minute box you need to have a team of people ready to help you so you can sit down and think about your cross country course whilst everyone can look after and wash your horse. Stewards will keep you informed and let you know how long you have until you need to get back on board to start the next phase, the cross country.

Phase D (Cross Country) – this will take place over the beautiful Grade 1 listed parkland, a fit horse is required as the terrain is undulating. Watches capable of being started, stopped and recording lapsed time are allowed.

NAF Five Star Cross Country Tips

Make sure you are prepared with some NAF Event Grease to help reduce impact should any knocks occur, long lasting, water resistant and highly effective.  When you have completed your round, wash them down with some Cooling Wash to help cool and refresh those hot and tired muscles and then apply Ice Cool clay or Gel to help naturally soothe, tighten and restore tired legs overnight, easily washed off in the morning.

When you give them their evening feed, include Electrolytes which are essential to replace the sweat and the important body salts that are lost throughout this process.  Failure to replace can result in fatigue and poor performance, NAF recommend Electro Salts added into their feed or Liquid Electro Lytes which can be syringed or added into feed and water.

Trot Up

On Sunday morning there is a trot up that you will need to do with your horse so the vet can check he is sound. There is a prize for the best dressed competitor and turned out horse!

NAF Five Star Trot Up Tips

As with your dressage preparation, we all want to look fresh and ready for action at the trot up, take advantage of the NAF Care Range with their Show Off Shampoo capable of restoring a tired coat and promoting a healthy shine.  Support white socks with Brighter than White an easy to apply chalk or paste to support coat colour and be ready for any ground jury.


The showjumping will take place on a surface on Sunday with 8-13 jumping efforts and it will take place in reverse order, the top 10 jump last and as you can expect, the course will be up to height.

NAF Five Star Showjumping Tips

For those lacking enthusiasm on their final day, an EnerG Shot can help to provide fast release energy and offer essential amino acids to give them a boost for the final round!


It really is a competition experience to remember, here is what a few of last year’s competitors had to say about it:

Katy Mousdale – BE100 3 Day Winner – “Just come and give it a go, everyone is really helpful – even on the Roads & Tracks people point each other in the right direction. All the officials and volunteers out there help you and it really sets the horse up to go out cross country. I’ve never been here before and it’s stunning, the arenas really help and the team have worked so hard with the ground.”

Claire Deuten – 2020 competitor – “I think it’s a lovely event, the organisation is fantastic and the courses are really educational. The team do an amazing job, anything you want or need you just ask.”


For further information on the NAF range please call our FREE Nutritional Advice Line 0800 373 106. To find more details on the speed and phases – click here.

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